KATHY HARESTAD                

• YAKIMA HERALD-REPUBLIC (40,000-circ. A.M.), Yakima, Wash. — February 1997 to January 2005

-- I began at the Herald-Republic as a copy editor/graphics person, and I was the only newsroom person who did graphics and illustrations. In addition, I edited copy, wrote headlines, and did page design and pagination. 
-- After a little over a year, I was named news editor. I supervised up to 10 copy editors. I also did pages and assisted the paper make-up person in setting up sections. I was responsible for all maps and graphics. I helped with two major redesigns of the paper while I was there. I did all of the new page templates both times (and any occasional updates that were necessary). I redesigned the flag. I also oversaw the change from a Dewar system to using Macintoshes and Quark for pagination. In that process, I taught everyone on the copy desk how to use Quark. Then, I reassured everyone and remained on call for years.
-- I designed two new publications the Herald-Republic puts out. One a weekly edition for the southeastern part of the Yakima Valley, Voices of the Valley. The other a weekly Spanish-language paper, El Sol de Yakima, that has its own editor and is not produced as part of the main newspaper.
-- I was on a committee that organized and oversaw news desk and production changes to accommodate a 50-inch web width for a brand new press. Once again there was a need for new templates. These I created.
-- I quit the Yakima Herald-Republic in January 2005 to pursue my desire to paint and do free-lance graphics and design work.

• MISSOULIAN (35,000-circ. A.M.), Missoula, Mont. — July 1990 to February 1997

-- Graphics editor: My job covered a broad range of tasks including retrieving, maintaining, exporting or printing wire graphics; providing original infographics, logos, illustrations and maps; scanning and adjusting all art for 4U kids’ page and the weekly zoned edition, Bitterroot View (occasionally other art as well); occasionally retrieving photos from Leaf Desk and adjusting them; also designing, writing headlines and paginating any page in the paper — depending on what was needed at any given time.
-- I also was responsible for teaching page paste-up people how to deal with the electronic typesetters, and news desk people about Macintoshes and QuarkXPress, Photoshop, scanning applications and some FreeHand — guiding them through both color and black-and-white pages. (The old pagination system in place was a Harris.)
-- In addition, I was responsible, from its first issue in 1991 until I left, for several aspects of another Missoulian product, FISH FAX/FLY LINE. FLY LINE is an annual guidebook of river descriptions and detailed maps which is marketed alone and as part of a package, which includes weekly fly-fishing updates through late spring to early fall. Subscribers receive FLY LINE with their first issue of the weekly FISH FAX. I worked with Jeff Herman editor/creator/writer of FISH FAX and FLY LINE.
I created all of the maps used in FLY LINE and FISH FAX. I designed and put together all the pieces and paginated both on the Macintosh, using QuarkXPress.

• DAILY REPUBLIC (22,000-circ. A.M.), Fairfield, Calif. — October 1989 to  May 1990

-- Graphics editor: Responsible for the graphic representation of the paper. Charged with completely redesigning the paper, writing comprehensive style guide in PageMaker on the Macintosh and evaluating page layouts and adherence to style guide. Special responsibility for guiding features department in page design. Frequently designed feature pages, did Macintosh graphics and illustrations, also directed editorial artists (one full-time and two outside artists). 
-- Manager of the “Graphic Composing Dept.” (page paste-up area): Responsible for hiring, evaluating and guiding the 11-person department. Also ordered supplies.

• DAILY COURIER (18,000-circ. P.M.), Grants Pass, Ore. — May 1984 to October 1989

-- Art director for new publication, Currents Magazine: In addition to doing the initial design for the magazine, regular duties included designing and completely paginating (except for photos) all signature size pages on the Macintosh, using PageMaker, and pasting up all pages. 
-- Previous duties included page paste-up for the main newspaper, some feature-page layouts, illustrations and Macintosh graphics. Four-color work included page designs, cutting overlays and Macintosh separations.